I recently responded to a question about moving or re-implementing an existing WCF Service running on a BizTalk cluster.

The customer wanted to utilize Azure Logic Apps instead of BizTalk on premise.  The WCF Service is running as a Windows Service

I recommended the following:

  1. Create a Swagger for a new API that will replace the WCF Service.

    NOTE: When creating your Swagger, add descriptions for each operation and parameter

  2. Use the same signature (operation names and input parameters) for the Methods in the WCF Service.
  3. Create a new Azure API App in Visual Studio.
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  5. Using the add REST API CLIENT,  Select an existing  Swagger metadata file, as shown below.
  6. Use the Swagger that you created.


The following figure is a sample showing the classes created.

vs project

The generated code will include Models, which represent Request and Response objects.

There are three additional classes created.

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