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Month: June 2016 (page 1 of 2)

The question: Do Logic Apps support error handling?

Use Case

A well-known Healthcare organization engaged us to create an patient portal on Azure. They were planning on migrating from Salesforce to  CRMOL.

They were currently using Salesforce and we needed to synchronize Patient records between the CRMOL Patient Portal and Salesforce. We were asked to use the HL7 FHIR standard for all Patient records.

Two major requirements that we needed to include were:

  • Logging of records sent from CRMOL Portal
  • They needed a way to view any errors that occur within the workflow.

Find out more on my Integration User Group Webcast this coming Monday.

Manual Trigger fields not showing up in the designer

Have you ever run into a issue where the Trigger fields are not available in the Logic App Designer View?  

Check to see if your Request Body JSON Schema has  required fields

Only required fields will be available in the designer.  This is by design. 

TIP:  Use to generate your schema is a tool that automatically generates JSON schema from JSON according to the IETF JSON Schema Internet Draft Version 4. JSON Schema will be automatically generated in three formats: editable, code view, and string. To get started just return to the homepage and start writing some JSON in the textarea on the left-hand side.




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