Recently a client (IoT Device Manufacturer) asked me to provide them with a Best Practices guideline for migrating their IoT Services to Azure. I told them that there wasn’t a single guideline that encompasses everything, that there are many Best Practices Guidelines available.

I recommended that they start off with selecting the Architecture that is best suited to meet business requirements.

This is what I provided them.

Application Architecture Guide

1. We start off with selecting the Architectural Style.

There are several Architectural Styles that can be used. It has been my experience that the how can you buy real viagra online in usa works best for IoT solutions. Another is the where can i buy viagra online cheap.

2. Decide on the technology that will be used for Azure Applications.

3. Following Design Principles is next

Software Quality is extremely important for a successful cloud application.

Enforcing the use of Cloud Design Patterns will insure that your applications will be reliable, scalable, and secure.