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HL7 FHIR on Azure

HL7 FHIR on Azure eBook

I was contacted by Microsoft Healthcare and Life Sciences to author an eBook about integrating HL7 FHIR Azure.  The eBook targets both customers and sellers and will be published before the end of this month.

I decided to use an Infographic format.  I started off with a movie as shown below,

I  used Adobe Illustrator  to create the pages. The following is the first page.


Page 1


More to come…



Invalid Swagger from API App – Tip

Have you ever received an Invalid Swagger 2.0 Error for an API App?

If you are returning the standard status codes, you will find that there are duplicate codes.  This is one cause of the error.

If you edit your SwaggerConfig.cs, as shown below, this will solve the problem

 // In accordance with the built in JsonSerializer, Swashbuckle will, by default, describe enums as integers.
 // You can change the serializer behavior by configuring the StringToEnumConverter globally or for a given
 // enum type. Swashbuckle will honor this change out-of-the-box. However, if you use a different
 // approach to serialize enums as strings, you can also force Swashbuckle to describe them as strings.


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