Have you ever received this error?

follow url {"code":"InvalidTemplate","message":"Unable to process template language expressions for action 'Create_file' at line '1' and column '1930': 'The template language expression 'body('Get_objects')['value']' cannot be evaluated because property 'value' doesn't exist, available properties are 'status, message, source'. Please see https://aka.ms/logicexpressions for usage details.'."}

The reason for this error is that you are using Get Objects  instead of Get Object .

Get Objects returns an array.

The issue is that the Salesforce API App Notification (Polling) only http://driggersphotography.com/benefits-of-chocolate/?share=twitter returns a single record.

The Actions Designer does not display all the available operations.

Searching for operations

In order to select Get Object in the designer, you need to type  get in the search field as shown in the following figure.


You will then be able to select;  canadian generic Lamictal no prescription Salesforce – Get Object, as shown below


If you were Creating a File,  the following figure shows how


This is what the logic app would look like in the designer

Salesforce Get Object

This is also works for Salesforce “Update Object” 

You can read more about the Salesforce API App